Saturday, April 07, 2007


i'm in florida - living at my parents house. This blog is never visited. I might as well talk candidly.

I've been hired as a staff photographer for and I was really glad that happened. Its thanks to two girls Chelsea and Adneris. I went and shot nudes of them in Orlando a few months back and that helped me get my portfolio where i wanted it so i could fill the job opening that i heard about on myspace from I was contacted and offered the position and now we're gonna start rolling soon.

I've just been shooting a lot since i got back from new york. I got a digital camera - my brother practically gave it to me. I've never really recieved such a great and useful gift right when i really needed it. That was incredible and amazing... another miracle in my life i guess you could say.

Well i have a lot of material now and i'm ready to organize my online representation of myself and my services and art now. I feel i haven't really done too much so far - other than just practiced some techniques and such but i have some images that people seem to like.

I'm really liking this blog stuff. I'm starting to link my blog pictures to galleries.

As i shoot more comming up, I'll have to make sure and take shots that i can use in my blogs and stuff.

I got a girlfriend when i came down here but it didn't last.