Sunday, June 27, 2004

sunday night downtown

I got up around 2 or so finally - and fixed up the room most of the day. Its great having Robbie around - but we didn't see each other much all day. I was pretty tired too. I'm gonna try and start getting to bed before 4 am. I fixed up the room nice - its just a start tho. Its got everything i need... Its a great place to work and relax and have no stress. My music studio and gear are all set up all nice. its somewhat impressive to walk in a see. I can't wait to fix it up the rest of the way. But anyways - i went out and walked around earlier today and then again tongiht. I ate beans and peanut butter in my room and pizza while i was out. I watched a movie in my room too while i worked on some tracks. I think the tracks are done... me and robbie are workin on these 20 tracks that I'm making to perform with. I think 20 at a time is a good amount to go with. These are classic rock and the next batch with probably be originals... but only a total 8... 4 of mine and 4 of his. Then i think we'll tackle a few jazz type tunes. I'll be able to sing, play leads, and maybe robbie can sing some of them too. Especially the new orleans type stuff. You have to know every style of music. There's a lot of oportunity here to get started but traveling later is a given. Well i better get to bed. Its good to write a little.

Just Moved!!!

Here I am in this hotel room, which is now my new home. Its just one room, and a bathroom. ALL MINE! I like this. Its so simple - i only have to worry about what I can see... no worries about what is outside of me. If I stay in this room, I wont be disturbed.

Me and Robbie have a lot of work to do. We have to rehearse, record and get gigs, and try and make a living in this world. We have each other, we're both lucky. Also, he's such a big help, since he works here, but not just that, we've been friends a few years.... something like 6-7 years i suppose. I'm lucky to have a handful of friends I've known that long but none have been as generous and as ambitious Robbie. He never stops giving of himself. I'm still not sure where he gets so much inspiration and positivity from. I know he believes in God. Through it all, he definately still believes in God.

I like my room, and I'm lucky to get moved in here. I'm far enough away from mom n dad but not too far to go home once a week. I do hate routines that i can't break away from. I like for the things i do to be discretional. Thats my definition of success... to have a choice and have options for everything you do. To be able to do what you want, when you want, and the way you want it. I have no lease here, no phone contract either.... yet i have internet access, a cell phone and a place to live all my own. I'm gonna try and keep the noise down.

I have to find work. I have a few jobs here and there but i need something solid and dependable. The more i see things around here, the more ideas I'm getting for acts. I think i can put together a mellow type of act that will go over very well in the jazz clubs.

Ok i need to try and get to bed.

-ya know... i never get any emails, and i dont have any friends online any more. I used to be all about that stuff... and i miss it but gradually as i stopped being home, and started traveling, and working all over the place over the years, I've lost touch. Its ok i guess... it has to be. i wonder what shannon's doing right now.